„Memelio būstas“ – it is a  real-estate agency operating in Western Lithuania and offering accommodation purchase, sale, rent and property management services to its clients.


We are an ambitious and promising team whose main goal is to render only professional and quality services of real estate mediation to our clients.

The majority of our team works more than 10 years within this field thus because of their experience you can be sure that selling, rent, maintenance and administration of accommodation will be done under the conditions most beneficial for you.

Our main specialization - rent of housing accommodation as well as its administration and maintenance. Because of our active participation in the market of Klaipeda’s region we know all the tiny details about renting accommodation under the most favourable conditions.

We will also help you through all the challenges related to the rent of accommodation so that you can be sure that rent fees and municipal taxes are paid in time and your accommodation is always under supervision.


Our mission - being your trustful partners in real estate market; helping you to make contracts beneficial to you and deal through all the related challenges.

Our vision - to become the most attractive and trustful real-estate agency in Western Lithuania, meeting the requirements of clients.

Our strengths:

  • a team with a long-lasting experience of successful work in real estate market;   
  • active participation in the real-estate market of Klaipeda’s region;
  • constant track and analysis of real estate market tendencies;
  • specialization in renting, administration and maintenance of housing accommodation;
  • constant collaboration with our clients and aspiration to meet all of their real-estate needs;
  • hundreds of successful real-estate deals;
  • knowledge and consultations on property law and taxes.