A lot of questions on law and taxing often arise when purchasing, selling or renting a real estate. What taxes are applied when selling accommodation, what legal aspects should be taken into consideration when renting an accommodation or what contracts should be made when purchasing a property - from simple to the trickiest questions - we can answer all of them!

We helped in making hundreds of successful real-estate deals thus our practical and legal knowledge allow us to give consultations on various legal and taxing questions in real estate market:


  • selling/purchasing real estate and taxation relating to it;
  • renting real estate and its taxation;
  • negotiating with banks and other financial institutions;
  • documents necessary for selling, purchasing or renting an accommodation.  

We also prepare sale and purchase contracts, rent agreement, preliminary binder agreements, contracts of utilisation, delivery and acceptance certificates, carry out inventory of transferable and reversionary assets, make photofixations.

You can safely entrust us with all the issues related to purchasing, selling or renting a property!

Have questions? Contact us and we will answer all of your questions!