Leaving to live abroad, planning to go on a journey, to invest in real estate renting or just want to entrust your property’s administration to professionals?

Our team members and their long-lasting experience of successful work in property management allow us to ensure that your property will be properly taken care for and all the renting process will go smoothly.  

We can:

  • find trustful, good-natured and solvent tenants;
  • rent accommodation under the conditions most favourable to you;
  • prepare all the necessary rent agreements, delivery and acceptance certificates, carry out inventory of transferable and reversionary assets, make photofixations of property and its assets;
  • supervise tenants at your request;
  • carry out periodic inspections of property and its assets;
  • make sure that all municipal taxes and rent fees are paid in time;
  • organize and supervise accommodation repair and maintenance works;
  • represent your interests, have contact and solve issues with tenants;
  • give regular reports on the condition of your property and works that have been done;
  • give consultations on legal and tax issues related to real estate;
  • provide all the necessary additional services of property administration based on your specific needs.


Our goal - less concerns on your property management and more revenue from real estate rent!

Have questions? Contact us and we will answer all of your questions!