You have some real estate but no time and possibilities to take care for tax administration? We know that monthly municipal taxes and regular observance of meters’ indications really takes quite a lot of time. And in case you are living abroad or in another city, proper administration of taxes becomes a real challenge.

We are your trustful partner, ready to help!


Tax administration services we offer:

  • regular writing down of meters’ indications;
  • calculation, preparation and delivery of bills to tenants for the services provided;
  • taking taxes for rent, sureties, public utilities; 
  • timely paying of taxes for public utilities to service providers;
  • helping to solve issues with public utilities’ providers and representing your interests;
  • control of tenants’ payments, assuring their timely payment;
  • timely payment of all other taxes relating to a tenancy.


Using our service of tax administration you can be sure that all taxes of your accommodation will be paid in time and there will be no related additional expenses!

Have questions? Contact us and we will answer all of your questions!