There are various challenges you can often face while renting housing accommodation:  the need to find trustful and solvent tenants, regularly inspect the condition of accommodation and domestic appliances, to observe if the accommodation and its assets are not being mischievously damaged, to check if rent and municipal taxes are paid in time. All of this requires time and efforts and in case problems arise - unpleasant experience is expected.

Forget all of that and leave all the rent related hassle for us! 


We can:

  • find trustful, good-natured and solvent tenants;
  • ensure that rent fees and municipal taxes are always paid in time;
  • periodically inspect accommodation and ensure that all its assets, domestic appliances and furniture are not being mischievously damaged;
  • diplomatically and successfully solve issues in case of an insolvent tenant;
  • protect your assets and peace of mind by preparing a rent agreement  where liability for any deliberate damage to assets is provided for;
  • supervise and organize moving in/out of tenants, carry out inspection of assets, take care for accommodation cleanliness;
  • regularly provide all information about the condition of rented accommodation, changes of rent prices and so on.


Our main goal - to help you avoid concerns related to renting housing accommodation, to protect your assets, save time and increase your revenue from rent.

Have questions? Contact us and we will answer all of your questions!