Būsto administravimas

You have a housing accommodation but no time and possibilities to superintend it?

„Memelio būstas“ – professional property management and superintendance services.

• Assistance in renting Your housing accomodation under the most favorable conditions (being active participants in the Klaipeda market, we know what to do to get maximum rental price; we also know all little things which must be taken into account when renting out a housing accomodation).

• Making rental agreements (we are very experienced in preparing rental agreements, therefore at the customer‘s request we can draw up rental agreements, certificates of transfer and acceptance, take an inventory of a transferred and/or returned property, make photofixations of a residential space and furniture inside of it).

• Consultancies on law and tax issues.

• At a customer‘s request, we will superintend lessees (wish of every lessor – to rent his residential space to a good lessee (who will duly pay community facilities and rental fees). We will assist in doing it, ensure that the lessees duly pay community facilities and rental fees for the housing accomodation, and not deliberately harm Your residential space and equipment thereat. In case of lessee‘s insolvency, we will assist in resolving the problem by means of negotiations).

• We will administer payments for Your housing accomodation (no time and possibilities to administer community facilities of Your housing accomodation? We can do it for You: on a monthly basis, we will superintend, calculate and pay community facilities of Your housing accomodation, represent Your interests before community facilities providers).

• We will take care of housing accomodation cleanliness, repair works (at a request of a customer, we will constantly maintain cleanliness in a premise. You want to carry out repair works of housing acommodation, furniture, and/or household appliances – we will take care of that. We find and offer several options, You choose – contractor does – we superintend).

• We will provide You with full information on condition of Your housing accomodation during the whole period of its superintendance (those customers who command the service of residential space superintendance will get a detailed report on works performed in the administered housing acommodation and its condition).

• We will provide You with a damage compensation guarantee (we know that it is important to feel calm and secure in what considers residential space. Therefore, only for customers enjoying housing accommodation superintendence service we can offer a damage compensation guarantee. We will insure Your property at an insurance company (You will be calm that in case if something happens to Your housing acommodation, we will compensate the damage. We also guarantee that if lessee does not pay rental fee or community facilities, we will pay them. (You will be calm that You will not any incur charges related to non-payment of rental fee or community facilities).

• We will render all additional services related to administration of Your housing acommodation, - according to Your specific requests.